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Welcome to my Gemini capsule!

Here I will be posting miscellaneous stuff that I am interested in, such as Linux, philosophy, and some mathematical logic. I'm not an expert in any of these subjects, but I am passionate about them.

I am new to this concept of the small web. I didn't get to experience the early, purely-text based Internet. My first exposure came in the late 90's when images were more common (although slow to download!) and small video and audio files were beginning to make inroads on the web. However, I like the idea of creating content that is pure text, without all the coding of HTML and CSS, which can be a distraction.

I hope this becomes a fun, little hobby, and that Gemini in general becomes a hit with a wider, more-privacy-conscious audience.

Tools for knowledge

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Tips on taking good notes, part 2

Tips on taking good notes, part 1

Linux stuff

My Linux journey, part 1

My Linux journey, part 2



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I'm not sure if I should be doing this, but you can contact me by writing to aphilosopher at protonmail dot com.